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Cyprus Eastern Forum


This site was initially created and sponsored by the Cyprus Eastern Forum after seeing many injustices in Cyprus. It was intended to give a voice to thousands of people who have a passion for Cyprus but want to see change. No longer satisfied with putting up with the "status quo" it enables people to create & host free Cyprus petitions on a wide range of issues.

The aim in creating this site was to, in some small way, provide a helpful free service for those looking for Cyprus Petitions. Gathering together a collective voice using the latest software and the power of the internet - all in one place.

The Cyprus Eastern Owners Forum is an established and independent forum which started in 2004 to cover the area of eastern Cyprus. It provides a platform for people to interact and help each other with a range of issues from property, health, motoring, travel right through to questions about which good restaurant to eat at.

Since 2004 this Cyprus forum's aim has always remained the same - to provide Free Impartial Help, Advice, Tips & Support for those buying or living in Cyprus. Our members varied backgrounds & wealth of experience has over the years helped thousands of visitors to the forum.

If you are not a member of the eastern Cyprus forum then please feel free to head over to their site where you can register for free.

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