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Animal Poisonings In Cyprus
Petition Created On: 12 Sep, 2013
Petition Created By: Jim Cross
I hope those who live on Cyprus will sign this petition, poisonings on Cyprus have always gone unabated and the local authorities do nothing to stop the dreadful deadly act were animals die it utter agony, not a quick death but long and very painful one, please sign this petition and let the world see just what is going on here on Cyprus and why many ex-pats now avoid moving out to this wonderful island. Thank you for taking the time.. Jim www.cyprusliving.org

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Name Email Comments
Victoria Nickel [Hidden email address] Please take notice of the damege this continued outrage causes
Jim [Hidden email address] Please sign this petition, it could help!
Glenys Latham [Hidden email address] how long until a child is poisened?
Brian & Joan [Hidden email address] Cypriot authorities: Take note of this petition and act accordingly.
Bluey [Hidden email address] hope it helps
Trevor Norris [Hidden email address] This outrage happens daily... stop it
Helen Evangelou [Hidden email address] How many years can this country stand by and ignore what is happing.
Louise van Rooij [Hidden email address] Act NOW
Carolyn & jason horn [Hidden email address] We are the owners of the murdered dogs on Monday eve please let's hop
Garry Stubbings [Hidden email address] lets stop this vile act
Rhona Ingram [Hidden email address] Please help to stop the cruel practice now
Christos Stefanou [Hidden email address]
Michele Chapman [Hidden email address] Cyprus the "island of love" - I don't think so...
Patricia Notman [Hidden email address] I sincerely hope that enough people will sign and make the authorities
brenda green [Hidden email address] hope somebody will listen
Robert Notman [Hidden email address] Please tell all your friends/family to sign the petition
Mike Cooper [Hidden email address] If it happened to cypriot children the authories would do something ab
Claudia Spescha [Hidden email address]
Yana Lamb [Hidden email address]
Peter Lamb [Hidden email address] make it a criminal offence and throw the book at the people who do it
janette jeffs [Hidden email address]
Louise Knight [Hidden email address] Proper animal welfare required. Now.
Sean Knight [Hidden email address] We have cats that we love like family, stop animal cruelty.
Julie Lord [Hidden email address] Very distressing....island if love? Not for animals.
sarah [Hidden email address] disgusting behaviour
Brian Nevins [Hidden email address]
karen [Hidden email address]
Maggie B [Hidden email address] Carolyn and Jason - my thoughts are with you.
Romy Kneubühler [Hidden email address]
Christian Kyriakides [Hidden email address]
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