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Cyprus Postal Service
Petition Created On: 26 Oct, 2013
Petition Created By: Mike Strand
We the undersigned are unhappy with the service provided by the Post Office in Cyprus. A report recently stated that Cyprus does not rank very high in Europe in terms of on-line shopping. Experience from Ebay & Amazon is that many sellers "do not post to Cyprus". The reason is clear; because they get too many complaints of non-delivery! We therefore urge the Cyprus government to undertake a drastic overhaul of postal services in Cyprus to improve reliability.

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Name Email Comments
Michael Strand [Hidden email address] Long overdue
Lloyd Owens [Hidden email address] Something needs to be done!
Jill Doughty [Hidden email address] Service and Reliability needs great improvement
Postman Pat [Hidden email address] I could do better
Elias Michalas [Hidden email address]
Debbie Mount [Hidden email address] Mail from the UK takes 10 days despite several daily flights.
Marc [Hidden email address] Packet from Hong Kong still undelivered after 7 weeks!
John Thorpe [Hidden email address] Mail from the UK take for too long, yet going to the UK is fine Why??.
Geoffrey [Hidden email address] In my case, average delivery time from UK to Cyprus 18 days!!??
Clive Fletcher [Hidden email address] Please modernise your service
Carol Clowes [Hidden email address] Needs to improve significantly
Rob from Peyia [Hidden email address] 18 to 21 days is just not good enough
R Blakemore [Hidden email address] Still waiting on a parcelmthat was posted 9 wks ago. Wont come now
Θεόδωρος Αριστοδήμου [Hidden email address]
Sheila H. [Hidden email address] In this day and age the postal system here is an absolute disgrace.
Sharon from Paphos [Hidden email address] Poor service all round.
Jim [Hidden email address] Dreadful service probably the worst in the EU.
ruth walton [Hidden email address] Terrible service
Chris Lane [Hidden email address] Needs much improvement
Sarah [Hidden email address]
D.Gallanders [Hidden email address] The postal service here is archaic, slow and unreliable.
Yvonne C [Hidden email address] Nightmare service!!
Joan Hughes [Hidden email address]
Mike [Hidden email address] We don\'t send anything by mail anymore as too slow and unreliable.
Ken of Kiti [Hidden email address] Cyprus Post IPS Web Tracking is a total waste o time as is Cyprus Post
Tony Davies [Hidden email address] Terrible service
Jane Wilkie [Hidden email address] Customer service and reliability is dire. Never seen our postman!
Marios Josephides [Hidden email address] improve delivery service
John [Hidden email address] More often than not mail does not get delivered especially from abroa.
Ian MacKay [Hidden email address] good service to UK - very poor service from UK
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